Chuck Fleischmann trying to look important
It's Time to Chuck CHUCK
U. S. Congressman Chuck Fleischmann of Tennessee has proven by his votes that he does NOT represent the people and needs of the Third District of Tennessee and doesn't deserve another term.  Voters are fed up with all the political partisanship and fighting in Congress.  We want someone who will work to solve real problems and not waste time on wedge issues that only divide our country.
It's time we got a representative who is not afraid to meet voters face to face.
Chuck Fleischmann trying to look patriotic

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Incumbent Chuck Fleishmann Ekes out Primary Win with 39.5% of Vote:
Woodchuck Chuck Endorses Dr. Mary Headrick for Congress

Well the Republicans tried to replace ole Chuck “Mr. Negative” Fleischmann in the August 2nd primary, but there was just one candidate too many to pull it off.  First time candidates Scottie “I don’t know what I will do” Mayfield (31.4%) and Weston “I’ll be old enough by election day” Wamp (29%) gave it a good try, but split the vote.  If one of them had not run it is almost certain that Chuck would not be running for re-election in November.  The election results just shows how unpopular Mr. Fleischmann is with Republicans.  Of course, as a collections attorney running a collections business, he should be used to being unpopular.  You can understand why, when he talks about being a businessman, he fails to talk about what business he is in.  But then, Chuck is not much of a talker.  I mean, really, have you ever heard him say anything that wasn’t a sound bite straight out of the GOP/Tea Party manual.

As Mr. Fleischmann sticks uncompromisingly to his principles (the GOP talking-points manual) he continues to not understand the 3rd District he is supposed to represent and fails to represent the bulk of the population.  Now if you are a millionaire like him he represents you very well, but if you happened to be a family of four with both parent working and struggling to pay rent or a mortgage and put food on the table, Chuck doesn’t represent your interests very well.  Reading his slick campaign material he misleads you to believe that he cares about the middle class, but that is just another one of his lies.  Chuck tends to lie a lot during elections, just ask Robin Smith.  It is too bad that most voters won’t really try to understand the issues in detail better, because if they did, people like Chuck Fleischmann would never be elected.  It is time to chuck Chuck and send someone to Congress who will work with everyone to help solve the complicated issues that face our District and our nation.

Since the primary is over, it is time to send a mother to congress who is used to working out compromises between children (Congress could use a mother).  Dr. Mary Headrick is that person and Woodchuck Chuck formally endorses her as the most qualified and dedicated candidate the 3rd District has seen in many years.  Learn more about Dr. Headrick at  Now if you are a millionaire you probably want to ignore this endorsement, unless of course if you have a conscience.

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