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It's Time to Chuck CHUCK
U. S. Congressman Chuck Fleischmann of Tennessee has proven by his votes that he does NOT represent the people and needs of the Third District of Tennessee and doesn't deserve another term.  Voters are fed up with all the political partisanship and fighting in Congress.  We want someone who will work to solve real problems and not waste time on wedge issues that only divide our country.   If you don't like our government, vote to change it.  If you don't vote for change, don't expect better government.
It's time we got a representative who is not afraid to meet voters face to face.
Chuck Fleischmann trying to look patriotic

Chuck Does Not Support Your Best Interests
(Unless you are a Large Donor or Lobbyist)
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We don't need any more Diane Black type Republicans, like Chuck Fleischmann,
representing themselves in Congress, instead of us.


If you want to know why Chuck Fleischmann votes the way he votes, you only have to look at his Federal Election Commission report of contributions.  As you can see on the Healthcare page Chuck, receives campaign contributions from drug companies, doesn't support legislation that would help people in his district, but rather helps the drug companies, and then buys stock in their companies.  The people of the 3rd District need a Representative that puts their interests before corporate and PAC campaign contributors. 

Here are a few of the campaign contributions Chuck has received, including one from a drug company he helped.

Chuck is owned by Arcadia Healthcare

Chuck Fleischmann sits on the health care appropriations panel.  As Vice President Joe Biden was pressing lawmakers to approve funding for his “Cancer Moonshot” proposal in the summer of 2016, a Fleischmann family account invested in two companies, Juno Therapeutics and Celgene, which were developing new cancer drugs.  One of the investments was made a week before the Obama administration announced new measures that would speed up approval fChuck Fleischmannor cancer therapies.  Isn't it great to know things before the public and make investments on it...

Politico also ran this exact issue about him as well.  He also has done very similar things with Acadia Healthcare and Cardinal Health as well (gets donations from them, impacts legislation, and then buys stock in them shortly thereafter).  Ten days after he was called out on this back in August 2017, he dumped his stock in Acadia Healthcare. hmmm... He looks caught.


We don't need any more Diane Black type Republicans, like Chuck Fleischmann,
representing themselves in Congress, instead of us.


Chuck Fleischmann buys stock in Cardinal Health, a company which has received large fines for unethical distribution of opioids.

Chuck is owned by Cardinal Health

Novo Nordisk is another pharmaceutical company that owns Chuck's allegiance.

Chuck is owned by Novo Nordisk

Sanofi US has been a contributor to Chuck Fleischmann since 2011.  Makes you wonder what he does to deserve all those contributions.

Chuck is owned by Sanof US 2017

Chuck is owned by Sanofi US 2015

Chuck is owned by Sanofi US 2013-14


Woodchuck Chuck wants to make finding Chuck Fleischmann's corporate and PAC campaign contributions easier.

Here are the 2015-2016 Contributions: PDF Format   HTML Format

Here are the 2016-2017 Contributions: PDF Format  HTML Format

You don't have to take Woodchuck Chuck's word for these facts, click on the graphic below to go to the FEC website to see all of Chuck Fleischmann's campaign contributions.  Big money is ruining our political system.  It is no wonder politicians don't represent the people who vote them into office.

It is time we sent Chuck Fleischmann home to be a collections attorney again.  At least he will only hurt people who file for bankruptcy instead of all of us....  If you don't vote him out, expect more of the same.

Check Chuck's contributions yourself

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