Chuck Fleischmann trying to look important
It's Time to Chuck CHUCK
U. S. Congressman Chuck Fleischmann of Tennessee has proven by his votes that he does NOT represent the people and needs of the Third District of Tennessee and doesn't deserve another term.  Voters are fed up with all the political partisanship and fighting in Congress.  We want someone who will work to solve real problems and not waste time on wedge issues that only divide our country.   If you don't like our government, vote to change it.  If you don't vote for change, don't expect better government.
It's time we got a representative who is not afraid to meet voters face to face.
Chuck Fleischmann trying to look patriotic

Chuck Does Not Support Your Best Interests On The Environment
(Unless you own a coal or oil and gas company)
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We don't need any more Diane Black type Republicans, like Chuck Fleischmann,
representing themselves in Congress, instead of us.


Chuck Fleischman has one of the worst records in Congress for supporting our environment.  He's never met a coal or oil and gas company that he didn't like or an environmental regulation protecting our health that he didn't want to remove.  Please look at the "He's Owned" page at his campaign contributions to see why.

The National League of Conservation Voters Rate Legislators on Their Environmental Record

Go to their website to see the damage Fleischmann is doing to our environment.

Chuck Fleischmann's Environmental Record

Since 2011, when Chuck first took office, there have been 244 bills to protect our environment.  Chuck has voted against the environment 236 times.  It appears that Chuck won't be happy until the government is no longer able to protect America's citizens from the greed of large polluters so they can make a little more profit by not having to keep the air we breath, the water we drink, or the soil we grow our food in, safe and clean.  At least Chuck will get his contributions and his stock will do well.  Woodchuck Chuck feels sorry for anyone who learns what Fleischmann has done in the, almost eight years he has been in office, and would vote to let him continue to destroy our environment and our health.   What would Jesus do?  Please VOTE for someone else!

Fleischmann votes to exclude toxic gasses from Clean Air Act

Make no mistake about it, there is polluted water in Tennessee.  Below is an example for two bodies of water.

There is a lot of environmental polution in Tennessee

While Chuck Fleischmann is doing everything he can to de-regulate the "clean" coal industry, he ignores the fact that Tennessee boasts a $33 billion per year outdoor recreational industry.  The outdoor environment also provides over 183,000 direct jobs to Tennesseans and holds the key to reviving our struggling picturesque rural towns.  The coal industry hires a few hundred workers.  Does the photo below on the left look like "clean" coal.  Don't believe it.

Fleischmann keeps voting for removing regulations that prevent coal mine runoffThis water needs protecting

The photo on the left is coal mine runoff.  The photo on the right is water that de-regulation would make look like the photo on the left.  Your vote does matter.  Voting Matters.


Chuck Fleischmann Votes Against Grant to Oak Ridge Rails to Trails Program

Chuck voted to eliminate the Rails to Trails program when he was on the Transportation and Infrastructure Committee.
Fortunately he was unsuccessful.  The grant to the Anderson Rails to Trails program was for the conversion and use of abandoned railroad corridors for trails for pedestrians, bicyclists, or other non-motorized transportation users.  The amount requested was $1,224,000 in federal funds.  The full amount was awarded, divided over three fiscal years: $191,265 in FY16 TA funds; $751,265 in FY17 TA funds; and $281,470 in FY18 TA funds.  Makes you wonder who Chuck is representing.  It sure wasn't Oak Ridge this time.

                    Dr. Danielle Mitchell by a lake         


Dr. Danielle Mitchell is running for Chuck Fleischman's District 3 seat in Congress.  She has pledged to work to make our air clean, our water clean, and our soil clean.  She cares about the environment and wants to protect it.  She loves the clean waters and wants all water to be that way.   Check her out at and on Facebook at



 Chuck Fleischmann keeps voting against the environmentDr. Danielle Mitchell wants clean water everywhere

This is how Dr. Danielle Mitchell would like all our water to be.  She would be a great choice for change.

She is very intelligent and well spoken, she cares about people and is interested in what they think and what they care about.  She is not afraid to meet voters for face to face discussions on the issues.  She is a real person like most of us.

Danielle Mitchell wants clean water because she is an avid sportswoman and enjoys kayaking.  Here she is after a trip on the water to pickup water borne liter.  She is a much better choice for Congress than Chuck.  Please Vote.

Dr. Danielle Mitchell enjoys kayakingDr. Mitchell loves nature and wants to protect it

Dr. Danielle Mitchell loves nature

Dr. Danielle Mitchell, unlike Chuck Fleischmann, supports the use of electric and hybrid vehicles to help cut down on green house gasses that are warming our climate and causing extreme weather incidents.  She does not support cutting their tax credit and thinks their use should be encouraged.  Chart below shows the rise in their use.

Chuck votes to cut tax credit for electric vehicles

As you can see, the voters of Tennessee's Third District have a real choice for change.  Vote for the person, not the party.  People should come before politics.

Tennessee is dead last in voter turnout for elections.  It is no wonder we don't get a change for the better.  If you are not registered to vote, you have until July 2nd to register before the August Primary.  A quick fact, the judicial system no longer uses voter registration as a method to select people for jury duty, just in case that is keeping you from registering.   You can register to vote online at or at your courthouse.

Please don't believe your vote doesn't matter.  It matters if you want America to remain a democracy.  Win or lose, your vote matters because you matter. 

           Woodchuck Chuck

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