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It's Time to Chuck CHUCK
U. S. Congressman Chuck Fleischmann of Tennessee has proven by his votes that he does NOT represent the people and needs of the Third District of Tennessee and doesn't deserve another term.  Voters are fed up with all the political partisanship and fighting in Congress.  We want someone who will work to solve real problems and not waste time on wedge issues that only divide our country.   If you don't like our government, vote to change it.  If you don't vote for change, don't expect better government.
It's time we got a representative who is not afraid to meet voters face to face.
Chuck Fleischmann trying to look patriotic

Chuck Does Not Support Your Best Interests
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We don't need any more Diane Black type Republicans, like Chuck Fleischmann,
representing themselves in Congress, instead of us.


Chuck Fleischmann makes money investing in corporations and organizations that contribute to his campaigns.  They do this because he supports favorable legislation these corporations want to help them make more profit.  Often meaning higher prices for you and removal of regulations that protect you and the environment. 

Just because Woodchuck Chuck is telling you this doesn't mean that you should necessarily take his word for it.  So here is how you can verify these facts.  You can go to, and in four easy steps see for yourself what investments he has made.

Click here to see the ABC's of why we have to Vote in new Representatives

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